10 True Love Test Questions – Find out If you are in love

Here is a list of affirmations to answer with “yes” or “no” in order to take stock of your feelings of love and your emotions.

True Love Test Questions

  • I have all the time want to see him.
  • When I do everyday things, I would like him to be there with me.
  • I imagine myself already settling with him.
  • I often talk about him to my friends.
  • I often log on to his Facebook and Instagram accounts even if I do not know what I’m looking for. Just know what he’s doing, how he’s doing.
  • When I see him, my heart is racing.
  • Before a date, I tend to tremble.
  • I worry when he does not answer the phone or my messages.
  • I am jealous when he chats with other girls
  • I think of him by listening to love songs.

True Love Test Questions

If you have 6 “yes” or more, your love feelings are very strong! If you have 4 “yes” or more, there is no doubt, your feelings are developing. If you have less than 4 “yes”, then maybe it is not that yet, but who knows what your heart holds? Love and friendship: what difference?

Friendship is love! With some differences, which are notable. In friendship, no carnal and sexual relations. Also, friendship is often considered a safe and safe value, without risk of betrayal, abandonment, rupture.

But apart from that, in friendship, we love each other! But how do we know, for example, if we feel a love attraction to our best friend? The border being so thin, it is not easy.

True Love Test Questions

When you both talk about love, you are embarrassed to talk about your love life, as if to show him that he would find his place in your heart.

When he tells you his stories of love or sex, you feel a touch of jealousy, a talking emotion! When you both have a good time, you feel physically attracted.

You want to breathe his body, to stick to him. When you receive a phone call or message from him, you are happy. Sometimes, you happen to calculate your shot: respond with little delay, not be on time, as to make you want …

Physical Signs He Likes You

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