[Best] Signs that Someone is in Love with You and Hides it from You

At first, when we are in love, we become a little silly. We smile smugly, we laugh stupidly, we take soft voices like those of a baby, we pout. Physical Signs He Likes You.

In short, love is more powerful than the water of youth and it makes you fall back into the carelessness of direct childhood. Signs He Loves You.

Signs He Loves You without Saying It

So, if when you had met him, he was playing the man and now, sometimes, he has the sweetness of a child is that he is wonderfully good with you, on his little cloud of love all pink.

Signs He Loves You without Saying It

While you are quietly chatting together, you have already surprised him saying things like “If we had been together” / “If we were in a relationship, I …”. This clearly means that he has already thought about it and thinks about it again!

He is really interested in your life. If he talks a lot about him and does not let you put one, it’s dead. On the other hand, if he listens to you, asks you questions about your job, your friends, your family and gives you advice, you can count on him.

Then He uses your interests to make your gifts. He is very attentive when you talk to him about you and he retains everything in the smallest details!

This is how he brings you back your Haagen Dazs, your favorite sweets or downloads THE movie you dreamed of seeing and you can not find.

Signs He Loves You

Although he is not very SMS, with you, he can discuss hours virtually In fact, it looks like everything interests you at home. Even what you ate last night! Your discussions are close to his heart and it is often he who raises you!

He wants to make up for the time without you. He talks about his mother, his sister, his grandfather or Leah, the girl he was in love with in kindergarten.

Of his biggest shame in kindergarten, the loss of his first tooth of milk and his Difficult adolescence, … In short, all his past that could help you to know him better and better understand him.

A little hand passed in your back without even realizing it, a kiss on the tip of the nose, dust it removes from your knee or a crumb of your cheek: small marks of tenderness that say all.

Obviously, He lets you be happy: A man who loves you wants your happiness. Even if events of all kinds upset or annoy him deeply, if he knows that this is what you will make you happy, it will push you to start.

Signs He likes you secretly

He shows you his interest by a touch The smart guy did some research on the Internet (as you will tell me right now) and he came across all those articles that made it clear that if you want to show your interest to someone, you absolutely have to go through them to touch!

It is thus that he squeezes your arm at times, passes your hand on the cheek or on the shoulder. In short, he does everything he can to establish a subtle but nevertheless visible physical contact.

He is really interested in you When you see each other, he does not make a monologue. He does not speak only of himself, quite the contrary! He asks you questions about your work, your musical tastes, your favorite movies … He really wants to get to know you more, you intrigue him and you like him.

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