15 Signs You’re Falling in Love

To be in love is to feel very strong and sudden emotions for someone. We meet someone, we may start to flirt and we feel how our body and our head take control of our heart! We only think about it and our growing feelings are growing day by day! Signs You’re Falling in Love.

Signs You're Falling in Love

With time, when the love story continues and becomes daily, we do not really say that we are in love, but rather that we love, because feelings are installed. You have understood, to be in love is a state of love that falls on us, surprises us. Once you tame these feelings and the bonds are woven, then we love!

Signs You’re Falling in Love

Your heart beats as soon as you think of him or you are with him.

You have butterflies in your belly, which can be described as a feeling of warmth in the lower abdomen.


You feel them when you think of your beloved or when you are about to find him, or when he approaches you … The other takes a lot of space in your thoughts and your daily life: morning, noon, night, night … It is there.


You are ready for anything and ready to follow it everywhere: any concert, any evening … even if it does not really attract you. Your friends go second, at least your priority is to cross the one that makes you capsize!


You dream of him, day and night. During the day, you are in a lot of pleasant situations and at night … it’s even more intense!


You feel desire, as much in love as sexual: a desire to be with him and to lose you in his arms. You are afraid that everything stops, that he does not remind you, that he abandons you.


You are full of energy and you love getting up in the morning to meet him, to talk to him, to watch him!


You only have his name in the mouth. You talk about him with animation. You are ready, you want to be on top and you leave nothing to chance, between the choice of clothing, makeup, and hairstyle.


You are literally passionate about everything he does and everything he says … In short, you drink his words!

If you recognize yourself, congratulations, You’re Falling in Love.


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